Remembering a Lifetime

Remembering a Lifetime allows you to preserve your family memories and history in their own voice. Our kit is easy to use and senior friendly. Interview questions are designed to document your family heritage to share with future generations.

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Kit Includes

Digital Voice Recorder

Digital voice recorder to record interview questions.

52 Interview Questions

Question cards in a large easy to read font.

Single .wav File

A single .wav file is created which can be downloaded from the recorder via USB cable.

Kit Details

Our kirecorder-front-01t contains everything you need.


Voice Recorder – Easy to use and designed to be senior friendly with a recording time of up to 12 hours. Completed audio file can be copied to your computer but never erased or accidentally deleted from the recorder. USB cable included.

Question Cards – A flip-book of 52 specially chosen questions is included. With each question there is also an accompanying “Tell Us More” card offering hints and topics to be covered for each question. The goal of the interview questions are to unlock as many stories as possible, not only the details of the events but the feelings and emotions that help describe those events from the interviewee’s point of view.

Question Topics Include

  • Family History and Geneology
  • Childhood Friends and Memories
  • School Memories and Education
  • Work and Career
  • Family Life and Children
  • Travel and Vacations

What Our Customers Are Saying

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“Why Remembering a Lifetime”

“Interviewing My Mom”

All the Details

Remembering A Lifetime is a complete, easy to use recording kit designed to document the history of your family and friends. Most people would agree they would love to have the history and important events of their family documented for remembrance and to pass on to future generations. The stories and history told by their parents, grandparents and relatives over the years are stored in our memories but are sporadically recalled, rarely shared and even forgotten.

People will tell you they want to keep these memories but it becomes one of the things we never find time to complete. The problem is finding the time to complete the interview, compile the questions, find the equipment that would provide ease of operation for older generations, and transferring this information into a storable format.

Remembering A Lifetime gives people the opportunity to save these memories in a permanent digital format as told by those most important to us. You might call it an audio scrapbook.

As a personal example, my grandfather was born in 1882 and grandmother in 1893. Both lived into their 90s. What history they must have experienced; a turn of the century, two world wars, the depression, and we have no voice or recorded record other than their printed genealogy tree. My father was born in 1923 and was serving in the army in 1941 at Pearl Harbor when bombed by Japan. I have an aunt who traveled the world and made musical recordings in the 1920’s. My mother grew up on a farm with 8 brothers and sisters. All of this heritage and no records other than what I remember from the stories I was told. Our product is truly Remembering A Lifetime.

How it Works

The Remembering a Lifetime kit contains a specially designed digital voice recorder and a flip-book of 52 carefully chosen questions designed to help recall memories of childhood, family genealogies, cultural events, and special memories as told by the interviewee in their own voice.  Your family member simply records the answers from the question cards into the voice recorder.


You can use the Remembering a Lifetime kit as an interview with one person asking the questions and your loved one answering as they are being recorded. This is a great opportunity for the grandchildren to interact with older relatives.  This would also be the way to collect the memories of an older relative who you feel might not be able to operate the recorder.  Another way is to give the Remembering a Lifetime kit as a gift to that senior relative or friend for them to complete on their own.

The Voice Recorder

The recorder has been specifically designed to be senior friendly.  The operating buttons are large in size, color coded for operation, and shaped to describe their function.  It has a high definition multi-directional microphone which allows it to be hand held or placed on a table, chair arm or end table nearby.  The recorder permanently stores up to 12 hours of recording into one file regardless of how many recording sessions.  When completed, the single .wav file can be copied but will always remain on the recorder.  This was done to prevent accidental erasing or deleting the file.  The recorder allows for incremental rewind and fast forwarding to be able to playback that “special story” but when the recording button is pressed the file will begin recording where the last recording ended.  There is an internal battery that is rechargeable with the enclosed USB cable.

The Interview Questions

The question flip-book has one question per card printed in an easy to read large font.  For each question there is an accompanying “Tell Us More” card offering hints and topics to be covered for each question.  These are included to help unlock as many memories and stories as possible, not only the details of the events but the feelings and emotions in the interviewee’s point of view.

Sample Questions:

Question #3 – Tell us about about where your parents were born and what you know about their childhood. Tell Us More: Location, year born, where did they grow up?  Stories you know about their childhood, Full name and name-sake, nicknames.

Question #18 – Tell us about your childhood pets.  Tell Us More: What kind of pet? What were their names? Who gave you the pet? Tell us which was your favorite.

Question #39 – Tell us about meeting your first spouse. Tell Us More: How old were each of you? Where did you meet? Who introduced you? Give the details of your first date, What was your first impression? What attracted you most?

Optional Printed Edition

For an additional charge, we will create a printed paperback autobiography. If you’ve purchased one of our Remembering a Lifetime kits you will have the option, for an additional fee, to upload your completed .wav file to our website along with a few of your favorite photos. We will create a one-of-a-kind bound autobiography. Your book will contain a transcription of all 52 questions and feature your favorite photo as the cover. This is a great idea for family members to go in together and order copies to be kept and read for generations.

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